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Avec Resources, originally a group set up by Avec in association with the Grail, is now a small Charitable trust (trustees). It offers:

BOOKS and papers about:

Books are managed and sales are organised by the Revd David W. Read, who also offers a consultancy service in a private capacity.

• ARCHIVES which have accrued from action-research, training and consultancy programmes related to church and community development work covering the period 1966 to 2007 and from the life and work of T.R. Batten.

The methodology developed by George Lovell and Avec underlay the MA in Consultancy for Mission and Ministry taught recently at the former York Institute for Community Theology.

The Revd Dr George Lovell has reviewed his life and work in an interview in September 2011. Click here for a transcript.

Catherine Widdicombe has reviewed her life and work in an interview in June 2015, revised 2016. Click here for a transcript.