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Revd Dr George Lovell (1929 – 2018)

It is with profound sadness that we heard the news on Monday 8th October 2018 of the death during the previous night of Revd Dr George Lovell.

Many visitors to this site will already be aware of George’s unique contributions  to the life of the British churches and beyond through the agency of AVEC,  his skilled use of a non-directive approach to  consultancy and his extensive writings.

His mentoring, ministry and consultancy practice over decades have enriched the lives of countless individuals and groups who will share the loss felt by his family and many friends at this time.

George had only recently completed an extensive autobiographical study, reflecting on a lifetime’s learning.  As a first tribute to his memory we want to make that work immediately available for any to consult – it can be read or downloaded here.

A memorial service for the Rev Dr George Lovell was held at Westminster Central Hall, London, on Thursday February 28th 2019 at noon, followed by refreshments. The service was a celebration of Dr Lovell's enduring impact on the lives and ministry of the many people from across the denominations who attended courses at the church and community development agency Avec and of those who later studied for the MA in Consultancy for Mission and Ministry at Cliff College and at York St John’s. Through their ministry and through his extensive writing, particularly from his time as a Senior Research Fellow at  Westminster College, Oxford, his unique contribution lives on.

Here are some of the tributes paid to George at the memorial service:

From Catherine Widdicombe

From the Revd Lord Leslie Griffiths

From Parchmore Methodist Church and Community Centre

From Richard McKay & Helen Cameron

A recording of part of his funeral service at Lidgett Park Methodist Church on 18th October 2018 is available on request to john@summerwill.co.uk

Service led by the Revd Robert Creamer (Superintendent)
Readers: John Summerwill, Revd Colin Lake and Revd Charles New
Preacher: The Revd the Lord Leslie Griffiths
Organist: David Wilks

Lord Griffiths' sermon is here

The methodology developed by George Lovell and Avec underlay the MA in Consultancy for Mission and Ministry taught recently at the former York Institute for Community Theology.

The Revd Dr George Lovell reviewed his life and work in an interview in September 2011. Click here for a transcript.

He died on 7th October 2018 aged 89. During the last decade of his life he worked on an extensive autoethnography, My Life, Work and Ministry: Notes from Retirement, which is hosted on this website by courtesy of the Avec Trustees.

Catherine Widdicombe has reviewed her life and work in an interview in June 2015, revised 2016. Click here for a transcript.