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Analysis and Design: A handbook for practitioners and consultants in church and community work

George Lovell
(Burns & Oates 1994)


This book is the companion volume to Consultancy, Ministry and Mission.
This book gives examples of ways in which clergy and laity can analyse and design their work with people. It covers every aspect of it, from having the initial ideas to evaluating the outcome. It describes sequences by which clergy and laity can think through the work they do with people more systematically and systemically These thoroughly researched and tested sequences help people to articulate, conceptualise, analyse, and evaluate their work experiences and ideas and to design, plan and carry out programmes most likely to achieve their purposes. Used habitually these sequences give depth to the work of clergy, laity, organizations and churches and enhance its quality and value. In turn, this makes for better workers and more proficient working organizations and churches.

The book also examines the underlying theory and theology and their relevance to the contemporary situation.


"This book is relevant to everyone concerned with the Church’s ministry... Nowhere else am I aware that there are such practical expositions of how to share control (power) and enter into partnership... It provides a practical and conceptual tools."

Ann Morisy in 'Crucible'

"This is both a practical and scholarly book. It is practical in that it describes with great clarity approaches to working with individuals and groups which enable them to think systematically about their work and design action accordingly. It is scholarly in that Lovell grounds his work in research and provides extensive references for the sources of influence on his thought and practice. Above all it is a spiritual book as the approach he describes is deeply grounded in the Christian faith and ministry. It is a significant contribution to models and methods for community building and the facilitation of change."

David Coghlan SJ in 'Doctrine and Life'