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Telling Experiences: Stories about a transforming way of working with people

George Lovell (ed)
(Chester House Publications 1996)


In this book a number of very different people tell their own stories about how the avec approach and the Avec courses profoundly changed the way in which they work with people in churches and communities. They represent four denominations in three countries. Some of them worked on council estates, others in urban and suburban communities. One person worked with the profoundly deaf, another with travellers, and yet another with mentally ill destitutes in Nigeria. Two of the stories are about couples with joint and separate vocations: they tell how work consultancy sessions helped them to sort out some tricky issues and make far-reaching changes in their approaches to each other’s vocation.


"Here are eighteen stories of personal encounter with Avec or its Directors. With contributions from such church liberals as Dr Leslie Griffiths and such church evangelicals as the now Principal of Cliff College, these stories provide an easy entry into the practice and theory of the avec approach for those who have little knowledge of it."

Brian Duckworth in 'The Epworth Review'